Hotel Papuscia

Converted from a late thirteenth century dammuso, the resort is in a peaceful setting surrounded by lush nature, and offers the chance to stay in the most spectacular part of the fascinating island of Pantelleria at a highly competitive rate. Situated in the charming district of Tracino, we are just minutes from both Cala Levante and picturesque coves, including the famous Arco dell’Elefante (Elephant Arch). Amongst the simple, informal furnishings are terraces and covered areas where you can enjoy a peaceful glass of sweet passito, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of summer. Air conditioning, and a TV and wifi and fridge are standard in all rooms.

Summer 2014 Rates and Promos

1st period: Bed & Breakfast Half board*
From 12/04 to 13/06 and
from 13/09 to 31/10
€ 28,00 € 46,00


2nd period: Bed & Breakfast Half board*
From 14/06 to 18/07 and
from 23/08 to 12/09
€ 38,00 € 56,00


3rd period: Bed & Breakfast Half board*
From 19/07 to 08/08 € 42,00 € 60,00


4th period: Bed & Breakfast Half board*
From 09/08 to 22/08 € 48,00 € 66,00


                           Prices per day per person

      * Drinks not included in half board rates

During your stay on Pantelleria, you can dive, snorkel, trek and take horse ride